Scrap Price Calculator  v.

Enter the Spot Price. Choose the Metal. Enter the Percent of Spot and Choose Gram or Pennyweight. This Program will then Compute how much you should be Paid per Carat Weight.

Chintzee Amazon Price Watch for Firefox  v.1 1

View price history & add price drop alerts, all without leaving Amazon Amazon Price History - See if you're getting the best deal Simply click the Chintzee icon on your status bar while shopping on Amazon, and you'll instantly be presented with a


Track & Price for Coins  v.1 4

Track & Price Coins gives you the power of accurate, up-to-date pricing with access to over 1.5 million auction results and counting. Features include over 1.5 million and counting auction results, Coin Author Reference Information,

Best Price  v.3 1

Best Price is a dynamic application enable consumers to search the Internet for any product or service without having to visit a single website and receive search results by the lowest price.

Pivot Calculator & Price Projections  v.1 11

Our unique Pivot Points and Price Projections calculator is very quick and easy way to calculate Fibonacci support and resistance points and price projections. No matter what market you trade or symbol you use, this is a valuable tool.

Stock Price Monitor  v.1.1

Keep an eye on your stocks while you are working. This can monitor the real time price of your favorite stocks online. This sits as a small bar on the top or bottom of your screen, scrolling your stock quotes without affecting your work.

Gold Scrap Price Calculator  v.V 1.0.2

The Scrap Price Calculator determines the amount you should be paid per Gram or Pennyweight(DWT) for Gold, Platinum or Silver. You simply enter the current market price per ounce and the percent of spot you expect to get paid.

Costco Price Watch  v.

Costco Price Watch provides shoppers the latest and most comprehensive price information of all Costco Warehouses in Taiwan. With Costco Price Watch, shoppers can now check item price,

Best Price Calculator  v.

This easy to use utility allows you to enter the price, size, quantity, and coupon information for a store purchase and then tells you which deal is better. For example, a coupon on a small box of cereal may still be more expensive per oz.

Price Rhythm: Personal Shopping Advisor  v.

Meet your new personal shopping advisor. Price Rhythm guides you in making better shopping decisions. By easily scanning a barcode or simply searching a product's name,

Sales Price Calculator  v.

Sales Price Calculator figures out the sales price after a sales discount. An option for entering a 2nd Sale Discount is available for "Take an Additional __ Off" Sales. As you add items to your shopping cart you can keep a running total estimate.

Price Discount Calculator  v.

Developed by Microsoft Student Partners Malaysia Have you been to stores and having a hard time calculating discount prices? Well, here i you answer. This app will help you with just that. Input the price of the product and its discount percentage.

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